PrePay Solutions is the European leader in the prepaid card market and operates in 20 countries. Designing, hosting and supporting prepaid card solutions, we enable you to remunerate, reward and compensate your customers, employees and partners simply and efficiently

Who we are

PrePay Solutions is jointly owned by Edenred and MasterCard Worldwide. Both parent companies are represented on our Board of Directors and Shareholders’ Committee.

Our values

Entrepreneurialism, innovation, performance, simplicity and sharing: these 5 values drive us to deliver state-of-the art reward and remuneration packages and leverage our mission.

How we work

We draw on the prepaid and payment processing experiences of our parent companies to deliver customisable, turnkey prepaid solutions.


Our solutions adhere to strict standards to ensure their performance and reliability.

Where we are

PrePay Solutions operates in 20 countries across Europe, and has its headquarters in London.