With effective prepaid solutions, you have the potential to enhance the experience of your customers, employees and partners. PrePay Solutions benefits from the support and resources of shareholders, Edenred and Mastercard Worldwide. We combine the prepaid and payment processing experience of our parent companies to deliver our comprehensive, turnkey prepaid solutions.

Working together on design

To ensure maximum dividends for your business, we tailor our prepaid packages to your company. We work with you to:

  • Define who will benefit
  • Select merchants to participate and accept the prepaid cards
  • Enable merchants access to the PrePay Solutions network, under the MasterCard® brand
  • Establish how the solution will be funded

Implementing the turnkey solution

Once the parameters of the solution are established, we operate the solution from start to finish. This includes:

  • Hosting the electronic monitoring systems to track the credit stored on the card
  • Activating the card upon issue to consumers
  • Topping up the card on behalf of the issuer
  • Managing the interface between prepaid card issuers and prepaid card acquirers
  • Authorising and clearing all transactions made by consumers using the card

By managing the process from design to implementation, PrePay Solutions allows you to focus your energy on what’s most important: running your daily business.