Ticketmaster UK

“PrePay Solutions have matched all our expectations in helping us deliver a comprehensive safe, secure and flexible gift card solution to our customers. We continue to work with them to deliver market-leading innovation and added value to our consumers.”

Chris Edmonds
Managing Director
Ticketmaster UK


Our BIN Procurement offer

PrePay Solutions offers Bank Identification Number (BIN) procurement services for all of our prepaid card programmes. This service allows cardholders to use our prepaid cards with a number of agreed partner financial networks.


Why us?

  • Multiple networks: PrePay Solutions can organise BINs for use on the MasterCard® network or private networks. We can also support BINs provided by other bank issuers, subject to a certification process.
  • Multiple loops: BINs can be used in open, closed or restricted loop programmes.
  • MasterCard-backed BINs: PrePay Solutions can issue cards on the following BINs:
    • MasterCard
    • UK Domestic Maestro
    • International Maestro
    • Cirrus
  • Private BINs available: PrePay Solutions has private BINs that enable us to issue cards for international or domestic use on private networks. We also support clients’ acquisition of private BINs for use on our platforms.
  • Works with multiple BINs and ICAs: PrePay Solutions can work with other BINs and ICAs. The additional set-up and Mastercard certification required can be managed within the programme timeline.