Western Union

"PrePay Solutions, with its combined set of skills as an e-money issuer, processor and integrator, had the market knowledge and resources to provide a comprehensive solution."

Carlan Dodson
Western Union


Our E-money compliance offer

PrePay Solutions offers E-money compliance services for all of our prepaid card programmes. As an FSA-regulated company within the United Kingdom, we provide a robust product that complies with all appropriate national and international regulations.


Why us?

  • A safe pair of hands: PrePay Solutions has the prepaid industry experience and expertise necessary to create a successful, legal card programme tailored to any customer’s needs.
  • Legal approval: PrePay Solutions’ legal department reviews all product materials for approval, such as:
    • Marketing materials
    • Legal terms and conditions
  • Trustworthy network: PrePay Solutions is a founding member of the E-money Association (EMA), an organization protecting the interests of the prepaid industry in the European Union (EU). We tap into a vast network of experts and can provide our customers with guidance on legal matters throughout the EU.
  • Meticulous monitoring: PrePay Solutions conducts ongoing reviews of upcoming legislation within the EU, making sure our customers are aware of any updates in laws pertaining to E-money compliance.