Rugby Football Union

“With PrePay Solutions’ exceptional speed to market and in-house expertise, we were able to launch our gift card in time for Christmas.”

Jane Barron
Licensing & Marketing Manager
Rugby Football Union


Our transaction processing offer

PrePay Solutions provides transaction processing services for all of our prepaid card programmes. We process millions of transactions for open loop, closed loop and filtered loop programmes. Our transaction processing platform is designed to support a wide array of transactions from card generation through to expiry. It is capable of multi-currency, multi-wallet and cross-border activity.


We handle all transactions commonly associated with prepaid products. Additionally, we offer merchant fee collection, a service transaction unique to our programmes. We also offer full clearing and settlement services for programmes. For non-regulated products, we provide clearing and reconciliation when needed.


For MasterCard®/Maestro-badged products, we can offer Magstripe, EMV (Chip) or PayPass solutions for processing.


Why us?

  • Platform flexibility: our transaction processing platform is capable of handling all transaction types, including both full and partial redemption; it supports MasterCard, ISO, APACS, XML web messaging and proprietary messaging formats where needed.
  • Consistency for retailers: merchants treat MasterCard transactions in the same way as all other transactions.
  • Compatibility with existing systems: we can work with proprietary formats and translate them into the appropriate messages within our platform.
  • Service Availability: 24/7, 365 days a year, to ensure peace of mind for our customers and their cardholders.