Banks and insurance providers are increasingly moving to replace cheques and paper vouchers with stored-value cards — electronic smart cards preloaded with a set monetary value. The advantages are obvious: card-based systems are more cost-effective, reduce fraud and shrinkage, offer enhanced brand-building opportunities and provide a better customer service experience for your clients. Our prepaid card solutions are ideally suited for a wide range of banking and insurance needs.


  • MasterCard® gift cards: provide a powerful tool for building relationships with policy and account holders and gaining more business.
  • Insurance claims cards: settle insurance claims and make emergency payments electronically, while reducing the cost of delivery and reconciliation.

  • Expense cards: simplify reimbursements to employees with a streamlined, convenient method of electronic payment.

  • Cash cards: give your clients greater flexibility to make their purchases, and offer a secure payment method to travellers and young people.