In situations where customers cannot make a payment via their bank or credit card account, prepaid cash cards offer a perfect solution. PrePay Solutions cash cards for the bank and insurance sector are efficient, secure and flexible. After a cash card is issued to a bank customer or insurance policy holder, funds can be transferred to the card as needed or on a one-time basis.


  • Raise awareness about your company when your customers use your branded prepaid cash cards to make transactions and withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide
  • Offer a secure and flexible payment method for travellers and young clients, while minimising the risk of theft or abuse
  • Improve customer service by enabling them to limit unexpected debt and shop safely online


  • Built on PrePay Solutions' core application and authorisation platform
  • Batch loading of value to cards
  • Cards can be scheme-based (MasterCard®, Maestro, Cirrus acceptance network)
  • Comprehensive reporting and information management tools
  • Activation requirement deters fraud
  • Can be own-branded by banks and insurers
  • Can be obtained, issued and used immediately