In a challenging and increasingly competitive economy, prepaid gift cards are a powerful tool to strengthen ties with clients and stakeholders.


Banks and insurers can offer the MasterCard gift cards at events such as branch openings or to new account holders. It’s a simple way to demonstrate your appreciation of your customers and business partners.


  • Build relationships with your account and policy holders, partners, associates and employees, while increasing brand loyalty and driving desired behaviour
  • Compensate customers quickly and easily for delays and other inconvenience
  • Minimise overhead and lower your cost of doing business through convenience, flexibility and ease of management
  • Boost sales for retail partners of the bank or insurer, since consumers typically buy more than the card's prepaid value


  • Built on PrePay Solutions' core application and authorisation platform
  • Batch loading of value to cards
  • Cards can be scheme-based (MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus acceptance network)
  • Comprehensive reporting and information management tools
  • Built-in expiry date
  • Activation requirement deters fraud
  • Can be own-branded by banks and insurers
  • Can be obtained, issued and used immediately
  • Disposable or re-loadable gift cards can be used in a single location or in multiple locations, enhancing the benefit for recipients and increasing loyalty to the bank or insurer