Many retailers that are too small to qualify for corporate credit cards still need a safe, efficient way to advance or reimburse company funds to staff to cover expenses.


Our prepaid retail expense card programmes are the ideal solution. The streamlined and convenient electronic payment method simplifies the process of providing advances and reimbursements, while minimising the headaches of working in the paper economy.



  • Eliminate the delays and inconveniences of reimbursement (by cheque)
  • Reduce costs by removing  the need for expense claim forms, reducing your overhead and lowering your cost of doing business
  • Generate useful, easily trackable information about expenses
  • Enjoy greater control and security than reimbursement via vouchers, since cards must be activated before use
  • Issue cards immediately for use anywhere MasterCard®, Maestro or Cirrus cards are accepted, worldwide


  • Built on the PrePay Solutions core application and authorisation platform
  • Batch loading of value to cards
  • Activation requirement deters fraud
  • Cards can be scheme-based (MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus acceptance network)
  • Comprehensive reporting and information management tools