In uncertain economic times, prepaid gift cards can be a powerful tool for building customer and partner relationships. These cards can help drive promotions and raise brand awareness.



  • Boost sales and profits; consumers typically spend more than the prepaid value on the card
  • Capture valuable data on demographic and spending patterns
  • Provide an alternative to refunding cash to customers making returns
  • Compensate customers quickly and easily for delays and other inconveniences
  • Expand brand awareness by encouraging your customers to give the gift cards to their colleagues, friends and families


  • Built on PrePay Solutions’ core application and authorisation platform
  • Cards can be scheme-based (MasterCard®, Maestro, Cirrus acceptance network)
  • Prepaid gift cards can be retailer own-branded, and displayed directly to the customer in the retail space
  • Batch loading of value to cards
  • Disposable or re-loadable retail gift cards can be usable by consumers in a single location or in multiple locations
  • With a built in expiry date, the cards can be easily managed
  • Optional card activation for the customer via telephone interactive voice response, online or at the point of sale
  • Ability to capture card holder information and facilitate user account online
  • Comprehensive reporting and information management